Unopex heating systems with thermal oil are electrically heated and produce a temperature controlled liquid flow and are supplied as compact, completely insulated, ready to use systems with a control cabinet.

Unopex heating systems with thermal oil consist of the electrical heating module, circulating pump and expansion tank. These systems are simple and quick to install and need only a slight amount of maintenance.


• use in the laboratories for research and pilot scale production.

• temperature control of heat exchangers, evaporators, extractors.

• temperature control of reactors in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

• temperature control of stirred tanks.

Key Features

• modular construction

• ready for connection

• protected type by means of sheet steel paneling and painting.

• control cabinet on the units

• internal or external expansion tank

• safety equipment with tested components

• graphite gaskets

• variable PID parameter sets, different limits

• calibrated temperature probes

• control box in IP54 mounted at the unit

• HMI touchscreen display of the set and actual temperature

• automatic temperature control

• indication of the pump pressure

• leak free high temperature pump

• heating switchable in stages

• hot oil circulation with by-pass, which ensures internal circulation if valves are closed