Unopex designs and manufactures continuous and batch distillation/rectification systems from small scale research and development applications to full production scale for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Fields of Application

Unopex distillation/rectification systems are extensively used for;

• Separating and purification of a specific fraction of the feed mixture

• Removing undesirable products

• Enriching one of the main components in the initial mixture

• Aroma recovery during juice concentration processes

• Production of pure isolates of essential oils

• Solvent recovery

• Purification of chemicals

Key Benefits

• Batch or continuous systems

• Available in custom variations to fit your requirements

• Diameter sizes available min. 2”

• A wide range of column packings and internals for high efficiency units

• Kettle/thermo-syphon type reboiler with steam or hot oil heating controls

• Designed for full vacuum

• Specific surface finish for pharmaceutical applications

• Skid platform and support structure for system

• Turnkey systems, including all auxiliary equipments

• Explosion Free (ATEX)

Flow Chart