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Unopex manufactures high quality bioreactors/fermenters.

The Biopex A Bioreactor has been designed and constructed for a full range of application possibilities.

The Biopex A consists of a culture vessel for cultivation and a control tower to run operation. Configurations are available for microbial or cell culture productions, twin or parallel cultivation and for use as photobioreactor with light module integration in cultivation of phototropic organisms.

It is a complete package that enables both beginners and experienced users to easily perform applications.

Biopex A

• compact system with small footprint

• scalable culture vessels

• simple and fast installation, quick and easy operation

• fully automated touch screen

• user-friendly software for microbial and cell culture productions

• light module integration for cultivation of phototropic organisms

• trend display for process values with data saving option

• up to 5-stage advanced cascade system for pO2 control

• safe sampling system to reduce contamination risk

• configurable for twin or parallel cultivation

Biopex A twin

• twin configuration

• independent operation of two culture vessels with one control tower

• ability to work in different volumes

• comprehensive process management due to parallel cultivation

• software for microbial and cell culture productions

Biopex A poly

• poly configuration up to 6 units

• independent operation of each culture vessel with one control tower

• supply tower for pumps and connections for gassing, sensors and stirrer

• ability to work in different volumes

• reduced process development and optimization time


• Biotechnology

• Pharma

• Agriculture

• Food

• Academia


• Mammalian cells

• Insect cells

• Microorganisms

• Yeast cells

• Fungal cells

• Plant cells


• Microbial fermentations

• Tissue culture

• Microalgae productions

• Enzymes

• Vaccines

• Process development

• Optimization and characterization

• Academic studies

Operation Modes

• Batch

• Fed-batch

• Continuous

• Perfusion

Scale Up

Benchtop bioreactors are useful for initial trials. The results from a successful test conducted on the Biopex A benchtop bioreactor can be utilized in the scale-up procedure to pilot and industrial production.

Biopex A Benchtop Bioreactor

Biopex C Pilot Scale Bioreactor